I, suddenly, noticed a difference.  Remember these?  I know that "they" say milk cartons either can't be recycled or are difficult; by virtue of their waxed coatings (or some such).  I wondered, after the yogurt pots traveled through my Earthmaker© practically unscathed if, maybe, they were also difficult to recycle.  I hadn't sufficient to also pop one easily inside the other, where it fits entirely.  In fact the one in my hand looked/felt quite a bit smaller than the one I was used to; hence the HUH?!?.  However, it looks like it was thought out thus:-
The container, while "single use plastic" IS recyclable; The card surround is held by a single blob of "glue" and even has a "tear here" to facilitate its removal so both sections are:-
Easily separable.
Easily recycled.
Provided you can be harassed so to do.
AND - If not WHY not?
The plastic fits so well inside the card tub and still holds the same 150gm; which I did not expect. BUT, the card one has a raised base, a few mm up from the bottom and quite a bit more "head-room" above the yogurt.

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