By Hillyblips

Peanut Popping

Tricky, the wind today for the babies. It was far more of an exertion for dad to feed his brood - I still haven't seen mum and am wondering many things but live in hope she is still around. 

The feeder with the peanuts was swinging wildly so this had to be a close up shot through the window yet again, as the pole was in the way.

I spent a few hours last night in my hide which was magical - it really was. So dead still out there, so very quiet and suddenly after a while of watching you would see a fox. 

'Socks' was up for the food and Waitrose did her proud last night (pleeeease don't tell Hubs.) She looked at me when the camera clicked but I made sure that I had my finger on the shutter button for ages to minimise the noise. When she eyeballed me in the garden behind the garage it was just so special. The lighting is another matter and needs to be worked on.

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