Misty Blue

The misty blue eyes of an immature scarce chaser which peeked out behind the greenery and standing in the middle of a nettle patch to get him, I'd seen him land, proved tricky. He didn't like it. 

Nothing comes close though to the excitement in my hide once darkness has fallen. I have put out food for quite a few days and am trying to work out how best to shoot them without using flash as I don't want to spook them into going elsewhere. We've now rigged up on an extension lead with a light on a tripod which reflects off the garage wall, put the garage lights on inside which cast light over the field and I'm struggling using the very high ISO 32,000 in the editing which is a whole new ball game for me. 

Seeing them in the shadows, merging against the far hedge after waiting for a while is just a wow factor. They don't come for the food straight away but come through at a distance a few times checking it all out. Totally silent.

Last night I made the mistake of putting the fox food down in a container and seeing to the trail cams. On turning round it was nearly empty with a very roly poly looking dog sitting innocently next to it. The second batch of food is being consumed in the extra.

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