Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid



My scanning of old photographs has brought some unexpected opportunities. Back in the late 1980s, in the days of our church Youth Group, there were three sets of sisters - the Almas', the Balasinghs and the Shetty's. At the age we were, one of us was often out of the country - usually studying! By 1992, all but one (me) was married and the time between then and now has been spent raising families etc.

As I was scanning pictures, I sent a couple out to this group of ladies. I suddenly had the idea that we should have a catch-up on Zoom. We're in lockdown, so it should be easier to find a time that suits everyone. 5 pm today was chosen and I don't think I'm wrong in saying, we were ALL looking forward to a long-overdue reunion. I signed in two minutes early and SweetArt and Priscilla were already well into their conversation. Nearly everyone's husband came to say "Hi" at some point.

The other big thing that happened today was G's Summer Fun Club kicking off. She has been very busy putting it all together and much of today was spent composing an email to explain how it's going to work. She had to sort some things out on her own while I was on my Sisters call. She managed very well.

I recovered from the incident of last night. I think it's the long hours I'd been sitting with an album on my lap, pulling pictures out to scan. I'll have to be more careful for the next batch.

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