Kim's game anyone?

W has been emptying boxes, and found lots of treasures.  He's particularly pleased to have found the eggs - though they'll look better presented in a nice plate, rather than a plastic pot saucer.  He could not understand what had happened to them because he expected to find them in one of the boxes we emptied in 2017, that had been stored in the shed at the back of the garage.

He has also unearthed a couple of lovely carved bits of wood, that may well get a blip of their own later.  And a couple of old film cameras - if anyone is interested in them, let us know, otherwise we'll be trying to sell them on eBay sometime.

The large stick at the back has a vicious spike at one end, and was a present for W when he was a teacher.  Again, I think it deserves to feature in a blip of its own. 

There are a few broken items, that probably just need to go in the bin, some stuff will go in the box for the charity shops when they reopen, but some things (those little olive wood vases, for instance) will get a place in a display cabinet.

My eldest daughter in Sweden has just moved house - but they're much better at avoiding clutter, I really doubt they'll be finding "treasures" in 7 years time.

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