A photography kind of a day

Little Miss pointed out that I was in a grump this morning, and had been for some time. I took Abe for a walk and then came home to take some photos for my latest module - take at least 30 photographs of 'frames within a frame'. This was an outtake, but I really liked it. I have twenty or so shots so far.

Still a bit on the grumpy side, I contacted a friend who is a professional photographer. I asked for advice on how to get good motion shots of Abe. Mine rarely seem to be as sharp as I'd like. He suggested that we catch up, so he drove to the Wetlands and we had a photoshoot with Abe. Abe is now absolutely exhausted after two energetic walks and I feel more confident with my photographic abilities!

I'm feeling much more chipper this evening. Little Miss has made vegetarian meatballs for our dinner and I've processed a heap of photos.

Extras are from our shoot.


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