A Most Photogenic Flower

Dear Diary,

All flowers are beautiful, each in their own way, but I must say that for me Peonies are the most photogenic of all.  The layers upon layers of petals are so captivating and of all the peonies the white ones seem to attract me the most.  They capture the light in a very special way.

Matt and I planted my purchases yesterday and he'll be back next week to do a bit of "remodeling" in front.  I'm tearing out some overgrown things and making way for something new.  Gardens are never static, they evolve, and it is time for the front to be transformed into something else.

Last year on this day I'd booked a trip to Israel for October this year.  Of course, that had to be canceled because of the pandemic.  It will have to wait for another year because next year, if possible, I'm returning to Scotland.

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