Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Foxgloves etc

I went to the garden for a visit today to get a better idea of how things will work when we start reopening to the trainees. A lot of thought has gone into adapting to the new regime and I felt quite happy with things from my point of view. Things will probably crop up that no one has thought about, but that's only to be expected. It will be quite strange I'm sure - I just hope it's going to be liveable for however long it takes to get to the "new normal", whatever that turns out to be.

Of course I took the chance to get some photos and the foxgloves in the woodland garden were the star attraction for me. They were beginning to come out when I was last in the garden on 31st May but were now in full swing. The extra of the foxgloves is taken from the other side of the garden, shooting into the light. The other extra is of more irises, one of my favourite flowers.

Back-blipped from 13th June.

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