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Flowers and fence

To make up for the relatively limited physical activity yesterday, this morning, in hot and humid conditions, I walked ten miles.  Sore feet now but a sense of satisfaction. I will recover from the dehydration, one way or another.

Whilst doing so I listened to an album suggested by AFoolOnTheHill (a fellow blipper).  It was In the Magic Hour by Aoife O'Donovan, on which my favourite song was Porch Light.

Before today I had never heard of a group of US abstract painters called the Washington Colour School. They were inspired by Helen Frankenthaler who, in works like Mountains and Sea (1952) and The Bay (1963) developed a new painting technique, which a critic confusingly called "post-painterly abstraction." She allowed heavily thinned oil paint to soak into unprepared canvasses. 

Her work was taken further by Morris Louis who, on paintings such as Blue Veil (1959) used a soak stain technique pouring extremely diluted acrylic paints on enormous unstretched and unprimed canvasses, to give the impression of folds of gauzy cloth. 

Using similar techniques, Kenneth Noland created more well-defined shapes of bold contrasting colours, on works such as Half (1959).

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