POG's Journal



Hi Everyone,

Well I did not do to much yesterday really, just some laundry and scrubbed the kitchen up… That leads me to a question of is the opposite to a “Deep Clean” a “Shallow Clean” and is there a real definition of “Deep Clean” or is it just someone doing their job correctly when they are paid to clean.

Today I woke when my daughter telephoned, I had slept for about 7 hours which is the longest for a real long time. The hip is feeling lots better after being on light duties.

I picked up what I believe will be a perfect vice for the workshop, it is a bit tatty but all fixable and should look and work well once I have tinkered with it. Hopefully, it should arrive sometime next week along with the milling machine. I’ve got a nice little stockpile of things to work on now once the garden is finished next week and with access to the garage, I should be able to find a few more tool to help me.

Starting to run out of food again but will hang it out until Tuesday to keep inline with my once a week leaving of the house. I think I’ll will stick with the once a week outing until the 04-July-20 when I may be able to get a haircut. Now I have this longer hair and full set (beard) I am tempted to keep going with it… With it being a white beard, I might pick up a bit of work at Christmas – ho ho ho.

The photo is an old Mitutoyo 0” – 1” micrometer. It needs a bit of cleaning up and checking to see if it still reads accurately. 

Stay happy, strong, and healthy… more tomorrow.


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