Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Thunder Storm - Hopwas Wood

You try really hard to make some days special, especially during this Groundhog Day (week, month) we're going through at the moment.  Well today might just fit the bill.  We started a walk in beautiful sunshine, from Hopwas Hill, out towards Whittington, before walking along the Coventry Canal and then back through Hopwas Wood to the start.  

The rain was heralded by claps of thunder, then the 'gentle' patter of droplets on the water of the canal.  By the time we reached the bridge to cross back into the wood it was torrential.  We were lucky, we had waterproof jackets.  Unfortunately we didn't have waterproof trousers and as the rain slipped off the waterproof material it soaked our trousers as we walked.  Even under the cover of the trees the rain penetrated with impunity.  There was nothing else to do but keep going.

Typically just as we finished the walk the sun came out and steam rose from the wet tarmac of the road where we'd parked.   We didn't complain, there is something quite invigorating about walking in the rain, albeit our trousers soaked to the skin.

L had received notification of an offer by a well known sportswear chain for NHS staff over the next couple of days.  We decided to check it out and she is now the proud owner of a new pair of walking boots at a very healthy discount.  To top that we walked into Marks and Spencers to get a late lunch and the store was open (including clothes).  It was quite novel to walk through the shops for the first time in three months, though I think they had taken the public by surprise as it was almost empty.

Day Miles: 6.1 miles Total miles: 773.8 miles

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