....choosing between these three became an eeny, meeniy, miny, moe scenario.  So, there are a couple in extras.
Today, for the first time since 9th March our Monday afternoon group met.  During the lockdown stages we have been doing weekly on line challenges showing them every Monday afternoon on Messenger.
I hosted, (did lunch as well) and set up work stations around the room - light-box, photography tent/cube for still life, water/flower reflections on stove top, lots of dried flowers & leaves, wine glass with scarf, gin bottle (no drinking), glass pyramids. With five photographers (not counting myself) there had to be ample choices. 
I didn't do any photography until my friends had departed, then snapped just a few to choose for a blip.
Indoor photography was definitely needed as after another very heavy frost it clouded over with a maximum temperature of only 6°, brrrr.  
Warm and snuggy indoors.


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