By flavia13


Day 92 of personal lockdown - Day 4 of slight ease of lockdown

Yes I know, ME bug hunting  shudders at the thought of it!!!!!

I DID NOT go shopping today - I had a very enjoyable zoom Tai Chi session with C and Gus.  Also present on zoom, were Cooper Dog and Tina, both gorgeous dogs.

I personally cannot think of anything worse today than queueing in the heat to go shopping.  But then to be fair, shopping, especially in Primark and Ikea are not my thing anyway

In my LetsDo52 last week I was astonished to find that one of my photos was chosen as someone's favourite.  Now that means that I have to choose one this week.  Now that is normally fine - difficult as they're all so good, but fine - HOWEVER, this week the theme is TINY BUGS.  

I am not a bug person, especially of the arachnid variety so it's going to take a lot of courage to go through over 100 photos to find a favourite.  So that I can be fair and look at all bugs I went on bug hunt today to start looking for ones to photograph.  Hoverflies and Bumblies are OK but I can never get them as sharp as I would like.

I found this today on our sweet peas and the colour and long antennae made me notice it.  I doubt this one will be my entry as it's not sharp enough - I just cannot get all legs sharp aaaarrgghhh.  Still it's not too bad.  I don't know what type of bug it is so hope someone can advise me on that.  I'd google it, but then I'm likely to  get very large arachnids and that would freak me out.

Have been trying all afternoon to ring the emergency dentist to get G an appointment and can't get through at all.  I managed to get through to Barrow at last, as directed by NHS 111 but they said it has to be Kendal for Grange!!!  I will keep trying Kendal and perhaps again early tomorrow to see if I can get anything.  Thank goodness he is not in great pain, (which we're trying to avoid) must be terrible for those have been and still are suffering.

Please stay safe everyone, and if you braved the shops I hope you had a great time.  Thank you for dropping by, I do love reading all your comments.

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