Day 92 of personal lockdown - Day 4 of slight easy of my lockdown

Took a Tesco's delivery this morning nice and early, he arrived before 9.00 am - the slot was for between 9 and 10.  As always very polite, considerate and helpful.  So the morning was spent cleaning it down and putting it away.  I certainly know how to rock'n'roll.

Going to have a quiet day as next week I'm fairly busy - in a great way.  

Was wondering what to blip today when Mrs Blackbird appeared on our shed roof again, so I took several shots.  I loved this one of her looking quite coquettish and looking at me is to see "yep I'm guilty"!!!

Now tidying up more photo files and being quite hard and only keeping the good ones - unless they're special of course.

I'm getting a bit down and fed up with the news reports.  I just don't like the way the world is going.  Although I don't think doing mass gatherings, no matter how good the cause, during a global pandemic, is a good idea, why are there always small factions (on all sides) that have to turn it to violence *sigh*.  Then you hear of a small lovely incident - like a wee boy on his bicycle who saw a lady coming towards him, there wasn't much room, so he stopped, got off his bike and moved in to let the lady pass with a smile and a hello.  That makes you realise that most people are actually really good.  That was a rare treat to hear that and so lovely I wanted to share it with you.

Do please take great care out there, the pandemic is going down but it is still not zero yet.  Stay safe.  Thank you all for dropping by and listening to my ramblings and leaving such lovely comments.  These sorts of groups are inspirational and lovely to be part of.

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