By flavia13


Hi all,
I spoke to soon yesterday as the bug hit me again yesterday afternoon *sigh*.  I seem to be not too bad in the mornings but come mid afternoon it hits me again - keeping fingers crossed for today.  I'm not a great patient I hate when I don't feel right as I just get so frustrated.  If it doesn't go I guess I will have to contact the Doctor but I always hate to do that.  Boy am I fed up with bread, water and dry crackers!!!  I've tried a plain jacket potato today with just some veggie spread, so no diary - I will see how that goes.

Anyway enough of that - I did go and sit in the garden for a bit, fresh air and bird song always makes you feel better.  We've two foxgloves sprung up underneath our wisteria - this one and pure white one.  The purple crops up yearly, sometimes two or three of them but not the white one usually - but it's in a place where I can't easily photograph it.

Apparently we will find out later today whether full lockdown is coming off but I doubt it.  To be honest I'd be a bit relieved if it didn't.  However I do feel for those whose livelihood's and business will be so badly affected and hope they are provided for.  How do you decide between livelihood or lives!!!!!

Hope you are all well - do take care and stay safe.  See you all tomorrow.  

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