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........OK not really, it was One went to Roa Island. 

Roa Island is where you get the tiny ferry to Piel Island which does have a ruined castle and made me think of Enid Blyton's Famous Five (I am a collector of those books).  Sadly I didn't make it to Piel Island as the Ferryman wasn't around.  I will go one day though.

It was an adventure for me to go somewhere like that all on my own.  I really enjoyed it.

It stopped raining (yeah) and I actually saw some blue skies and sun today, OK it wasn't very warm, but it was much better than it has been.  I'm now thinking of those in Lincolnshire and other areas that are suffering from flooding, my heart and thoughts go out to you.

I took the opportunity of the improved weather for Cumbria and grabbed the camera and headed out.  Ended up at Roa Island.  Started off by going into the Bosun's Locker for coffee and cake (I rarely eat cake but just felt like some). I plumped for their homemade coconut cake.  IT WAS HUGE - so much so that I cut one small piece off and brought the rest home (for Hubby).  It would have served 3 people, I kid you not.  It was only £2!!!!  So if you go share it or be prepared to take some away with you.

I'm amazed at these little off the beaten track islands of  Furness.  Why are they not making more of the tourist potential for these places.  Yes it's a bit rundown but with improvements could be a potential little gold mine.  It's beyond me.  

I thoroughly enjoyed going around with my camera take several (OK about 50) photos  It has a yachting marina and in amongst the well kept yachts and boats are large boats that just been left to rot and are now wrecks, weird!!!.

For those interested in such things here is a link to tell you just a little bit about the islands.

Islands of Furness

To get to Roa Island you have to through the tiny village of Rampside.  I noticed a tall very thin tower and wondered what it was,  This is what I found out.

Rampside Lighthouse, also known as "The Needle", is a leading light located in the Rampside area of Barrow-in-Furness. Built in 1875, it is the only surviving example of 13 such beacons built around Barrow during the late 19th century to aid vessels into the town's port.

The main photo is of the Lifeboat station, the tiny ferry and Piel Island in the distance.  The extras are of the Watch Tower in Roa, one of the forgotten boats and the Rampside Lighthouse.

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