As you know by now

There is a hectic to-ing and fro-ing of passenger-less cruise ships along our South Coast. I have mentioned enough times over the last few days. And along with the liners, there are plenty of small craft (sailing boats, jet skis, hang-gliders, as well as locals coming to view).

Apologies for more of the same, but I loved the view when I woke up. So serene and uncluttered. Whereas now it is HECTIC on the water. The Aurora’s crew must be bemused by the small craft scuttling round as if no-one had ever seen a cruise ship.

And one thing I forgot to mention, I noticed ‘The World’, the first residential cruise ship, is moored in Falmouth. All the residents (some permanent, others join the ship as and when they wish) were offloaded due to Covid19. Mr B suggested we bought a home onboard. Yearly fees (once you’ve bought your apartment) start at £60K. A bargain.

Thanks once again to laurie54 for hosting todays Mono Monday challenge ‘Hectic’

Now off for a quick walk, before we have more drinks (with E) on the lawn.

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