The Sun Umbrella

One of the nicest days so far. Sunny and warm, but not uncomfortable. Drove to Boscombe for bread (so much for saying we’re not going shopping again for a few weeks - re Covid cases increasing). Mr B had to have his Polish sliced bread.

Then parked near the front in Southbourne and had a beautiful walk on the clifftop. Always a pleasure to be there. Headed to James and White, just up from Boscombe Pier, and stopped for a small bite, and a cider. Same owners, but change of brand a year or so ago. Not bad at all.

Took the blip in delightful, peaceful Boscombe Cliff Gardens when searching for something blue. Turquoisey/blue in this case.

Back home. Saw Sainsbury’s had 25% off wine. long story (they always are - sob), took 4 hours to complete the order. Now have the order split into 4 separate deliveries. 3 coming Thursday morning, 1 on Friday evening. Boring, ridiculous, frustrating story. You don’t want to know the details. And trying to complain to anyone is useless. Have resorted to Twitter, see if anyone answers.

Had dinner very late (for me) as a result.

Thanks to pink haired lady today is tiny Tuesday challenge “blue”

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