By Bella888

Balmy Bournemouth

Massive clear up of the spare room this morning. Binned loads of stuff (charity shops seem to not need donations, maybe they do now? - anyway have stopped going in shops re Covid spiking).

Happy the room is civilised again. We had a fair amount of Covid food/loo paper etc in there dating back to the first lockdown.

For sun/beach lovers, a perfect day. Up to 27C. Fully parked again on the cliff-top (and on the pavements again). Hotels all full still. We stayed in with blackout curtains drawn. Quite comfortable in the flat.

Went out after dinner. Still warm (24C) but pleasant. Plenty of cars. Good to see 2 traffic wardens putting fines on pavement parked cars. I believe £70 or £35 if paid within a set time.

I asked the how much the fine is for illegally parking on a blue badge space. She replied it was the same. Appalling, should be £500.

Returned home, and after completing 2 backblips earlier, with this one (view of East Cliff, taken around 7:15pm, with the new pizzeria on the beach) am now up to date.

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