Vivid Snapdragons

Furlough Day 62 15.06.20

I bought some of these in the supermarket.  They are one of my favourite flowers and its a big pot :)

Phew!  We've exchanged today, so its all go - many apologies for lack of commenting it seems I'm moving house on Friday (and unfortunately will have no internet at all until after 30th June when the engineer comes to sort it out and install a landline for me) :)

Just why is it so much hassle to change your address with services like electricity and gas.  I filled in forms online, you'd think it would be a doddle, but no I actually had to phone them so they can arrange the tarrif.  Ran out of time as I had a zoom meeting to get to.  Hopefully they'll have organised to ring me back tomorrow!

House insurance - more than Useless - 48 hours to come back to me - and I need to be insured on the new place today - can't call unless its an emergency :(

And I spent an hour chatting online for my internet service, during which I kept a friend waiting sitting outside who'd come to say goodbye :(

The Water Board need me to read the meter and due to my leg issues I can't get down there - and you need a thing to get to it anyway :(  So I've sent them an online message (they said if you have difficulty).  Apparently that will be 48 hours before they contact me!!

Car insurance was a doddle compared to that :)

Worrying times but I'm so relieved its happening at last!

Happy Monday folks :)

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