The Wisteria

at Greys Court is on a slow grow this year (according to the National Trust gardeners) :)

A visit fraught with traffic issues, and I was afraid I'd miss my slot - I've forgotten how bad getting through the centre of Henley is due to roadworks (and cars parked inappropriately)

It was a relief when I finally got to Greys Court :)

Lots of flowers, including some beautiful love-in-a-mist - see extras for more.  There were also some sculptures :)

By lunchtime I was too hot (not many places to sit in the shade), and came home to chill out this afternoon :)

Tonight the relaxation continues!

(in other news my first ever sweet pea seeds have come into flower, as have the cornflowers - watch this space ) :)

Happy Tuesday folks :)

#Staycation Day 2

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