I see you... watching me...

Tooli and I had an after dinner adventure tonight. 

Tooli's pal has started an Etsy shop selling seaglass jewellry so we thought we would take ourselves down to the harbour bay and find some for her, now that we are allowed to drive and then walk. 

It was a glorious night, and for a moment, there was not another soul in sight.  

A couple of men arrived shortly after us and wandered to the far end.  We know not what they were up to , but we were highly suspicious and kept our eye on them closely. 

We found lots of glass, a pterodactyl  skull and a hermit crab.  

Then we took a detour into the harbour, where we spotted seals, fishing boats, and a mysterious object in the water. 

So mysterious it was, that when we came home, we convinced Si to come back out with us (by this time it was 10 pm) and have a look for himself. 

It wasn't there, and so the mystery still exists

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