Dutch Skies

By RonBuist

Simone watching over Inge

Yesterday afternoon, Inge had a violin concert in the Oosterpoort in Groningen with the orchestra she is part of and together with world famous violinist Simone Lamsma.

Inge was excited and nervous. The rehearsal went very well and the performance, with grandpas, grandmas, uncle, aunt and friends present, was even better! Needless to say, Martine and I are very proud parents!

After the performance, Simone kindly signed the program we had and dedicated it to Inge. Last week, I saw huge posters all over town (and even in our tiny village). I called the Oosterpoort and asked if there were any posters left that I could buy. They gave me one big and one smaller poster for free. I picked them up yesterday during rehearsal and Inge was very surprised and very happy when I gave them to her.

Since the big poster is, well, very big, I had to rearrange her bedroom to find a place for it. Of course she had to pose in front of it so I could take a snap. Well done Inge! The applause and everything you got yesterday is very well deserved!

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