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By ajt

Bio cherry

Another odd sort of day at work. I started a piece of work and got so far before I came unstuck with a vague spec. I did a bit more work and documented what I had done and I think I'll be okay, but I need example documents to process before I do anymore code.

After the rain and work we took the dog for a walk, he had a good time sniffing things and found a new friend to chase round in circles.

I got an email from someone who wanted to know if I wanted to give the Portsmouth Linux User Group a talk on Saturday on VPN software. I had volunteered to give the talk already but hadn't got round to preparing it yet. Nice to be asked, but probably won't have anything ready for this Saturday! I will do something for them though. For me it would be a video presentation anyway as I get rather wet crossing the channel on my own at the moment.

Today's blip is of the vegetable nature. It's an organic cherry that I have since eaten. I was rather good, and now it is no more...

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