Bits and Bobs!

By Kate64

Lockdown - Day 88

With another busy day ahead of me, I was out early-ish for my walk this morning, only for half an hour but in that time I managed to get down to the river where this fisherman was enjoying the morning sunshine.

Then it was back to the fray and the jobs list, mowing the lawns, online shopping orders for various people, etc, etc. I did manage to find time for a chat with a book group friend whose son is shielded, for our weekly moan/support chat. It’s good to talk to someone who understands first-hand how difficult it is living in a shielded house while other people are able to carry on with their lives, albeit limited by lockdown restrictions.

Despite yellow weather warnings and increasingly threatening skies, we escaped the forecast thunderstorms today, on a muggy day of 21 degrees.

Take care, stay safe and well...

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