I found me a tranquil spot to sit in this morning (no I wasn't fishing). This was the gorgeous view 'down by the river' in Salford between Bath and Bristol. I didn't have time to go too far but I was already in the car after braving it in a local store to post some things, so I detoured down here and wow, it was so tranquil. I was still sat there at 9 when I should have been at my desk already. But I figured a little soul time would do me good (and it did).

The rest of the work day flew by, and then I had a mobility work out in the park this evening with daughter J who has officially finished year 2 of her course today and passed with merit - I am so proud of her. She is in full blown 'practice PT' mode now, getting herself ready with equipment and techniques for when we eventually get over to Jersey where she will be able to work the summer (whatever is left of it) before uni in Cardiff come September.

A bit late tonight as have done a brain taxing online order, trying to envisage what the 5 will eat for the next week and a half. Will catch up with journals tomorrow. Hope you're all having a good week so far!

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