Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

On the South Side of Crete

Another day out on the roads of Crete for us and today we drove up to the South coast of the province of Rethimnon; we halted at the villages of  Drymiskos and Plakias and at the monastery of Preveli.

Driving along the South coast over a stretch of 10 kms we had to drive a dirt road again (the same as 2 years ago) but this time work was done on this road and we had to wait till we could pass.... excellent opportunities for taking pictures! See extra's.

Here in this picture you see a white cloud; that's on top of Europe's most Southern island, called Gavdos, what's some 60 kms South from Crete.

This island and this region of the Lybian Sea, South from Crete is claimed by Turkish president Mr. Recip Erdogan as Turkish territory and apart from his daily speeches claiming most of Greece's territories (sea and islands and the oil expected in the seabottom)... it's a nasty threat the Turkish governments exclaim since decades. I wish the EU would express itself clearly and assertively against Turkey.

Altho' Mid Summer, temps didn't reach 30C yet! It's really a cool Summer till now for the Cretans, not just coz of the lack of tourists but also for the lack of Summer's heat (what's welcomed by many tho'!) 

Thank you all lots for your reaction upon yesterblip with the young adults warming themselves on the sun's last beams! 

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