By Kipsie

Brodiaea 'Queen Fabiola'

She is performing very well again this year, I just need some other plants to compliment her ... scratches head!! I feel a garden centre fix coming on ..
Lots of lovely rain so no need to water the allotment this morning so haircut. It's not easy cutting the front of my hair while wearing glasses so I don't. The result needed tweaking, a bit of chopping, well I could hardly call it cutting, & with my sewing scissors, then a further tweak with the bladed comb .. there was plenty of hair on the floor.  Today I ventured back in to Tesco's, it's Friday, I was picking up Mum's shopping list at 11am. 11am became 11.55am after hubby having a flap over a payment taken from the bank, the result being the insurance for his car. Panic/flap over ...There was queue at Tesco's which I expected, I don't mind the actual shopping experience is very bearable. A few people seem oblivious to the SDing/one way system implimented by Tesco's ... walking backwards up the aisle/walking quickly in the wrong direction being solutions. I was a tad optimistic with the choice of trolley. I don't think I have ever had a trolley so full, I nearly lost the chocolate twists on the bend going into the alcohol aisle. A very pleasant experience. I remembered to collect the dog i.d tag from Timpson's. Back to Mum, quick coffee & twist. Home. coffee, yet another dilemma with hubby. Today on the android. ARGH!!!!! IF I had hair I would probably tear it out. I take my hat off to care workers. I do not have those skills. He's gone now for a beer with a couple of mates in Andy's garden.
I SHALL be up the allotment come rain or shine tomorrow morning ... I WILL find a job. No I don't need to look for a job i know what I will be doing .... recharging on birdsong & solitude.
It could be a 3 cider evening.

Thanks to BikerBear/Anni for hosting

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