By PicturePoems


(Pyronia tithonus)

Steady rain all morning was followed by sunshine, so headed for the garden to continue clearing ivy and brambles from the bank at the back corner, behind our oil tank. It's hard work as it's not been touched for years, but was pleased with my progress. Thinned some plants that have been in a pot for years and planted some out on the new cleared area. They have pink flowers, though can't remember if that's in the spring or the autumn, but they spread quite readily if they have the chance - see Extra. (Can't remember their name, but will return and add it if I remember ... and it's bergenia AKA elephant's ears - with thanks to my sister for supplying the name.)

After seeing so many Meadow Brown butterflies, it was nice to see a Hedge Brown AKA Gatekeeper. Lovely and bright. After gardening came in and put together a three-course meal (a rare occurence): Avacodo Pear with French dressing, followed by a HUGE salad, and chased down with Banana Split. After that it went cool and cloudy again, so pleased I used the best of the day outdoors. Inside I finished a jigsaw - one I've not done for over 30 years, very enjoyable.

Earlier while it was still raining we also had a video call from our daughter and grand-daughter (now 10+ months old). Didn't see our son-in-law, but knew each time he appeared as Little Miss B started giggling. She has the most heart-warming giggle imaginable, and her daddy knows exactly what will make her laugh. Lovely way to start the day!

Have a great weekend, blipmates!

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