By Number147

Damp Squirrel


This adorable little squirrel is a frequent visitor. (I've not seen the remarkable Tilly for a while)

I started the day with sad news about a school friend who died this morning with MND. She was very concerned about what the future held for her and had been very unwell of late so perhaps this is a blessing.

Hetty had a very wet walk with Clive before 8am and I took her out again at about 2 when it was cloudy, warm and muggy.

Early evening, we went into the railway cutting via our neighbour Tim's garden. We met others for a woodland G&T. Tim and Kevin are both retired and have spent lockdown clearing their parts of the cutting and several other people's. They have now come to our stretch. We conquered it about 18 years ago but did not have time to keep on top of it and nature reclaimed it.

Now we have Tim and Kevin with time and passion. They have created a magical secret woodland and soon the inacessible end to our garden will become a part of it. 

I took some photos with my mobile (extras)

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