By TBay


I was a bit stuck for a photo this evening and as I passes our dresser I noticed a picture I had recently found of Mum in 1941 at Eshott when she was in the Land Army. The motorbike was a 250 BSA I think and was found for her by her future brother in law ( hazelh’s grandfather!) She was pleased to have transport but said it was quite a heavy bike to manoeuvre! Love the cow in the background too!

Farming - Two on compost and the Tbay boys on a mission to mow lawns between showers!

it has rained quite a lots to say the least! It has battered the roses beyond recovery sadly, but more will emerge before too long. At one stage the rain actually woke me up!

A day off preparation for our Ascot event in the morning. I have chosen my outfit and hat so watch out for the pictures tomorrow. 

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