By davidc

Flower Friday Collage

My Editor and I went on a bliphunt walk this afternoon to the nearby Rising Sun Country Park and had fun photographing a variety of flowers. We couldn't choose between them when it came to uploading my blip, so here's a collage of six of them.

We're keen to know what the orange one is in the centre of the bottom row, so if anyone knows please feel free to say. "Google Lens" thought it was hawkbit but what we've looked up about that seemed to suggest that hawkbit should be yellow, not orange. We did like the way one flowerhead was looking at the other!

If you look closely at the bottom right flower (looking large is probably necessary) you'll see that it's been photobombed by a green creepy-crawly :-))

Thanks as always to BikerBear Anni for so loyally looking after Flower Friday (and for providing us with such fabulous daily jokes on her blip journal, so valuable to make us laugh during this lockdown).

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