By davidc

A Lovely Family Day Out

We're halfway through a 2-week visit from Son#2, and while he's here Son#1 and partner (and our granddog Oona) have come for a couple of nights too. As they live in Edinburgh we decided that it would be a good idea to meet them for a day about half way (at Holy Island) on their journey here. The tides were just right to allow this to work well. Son#3 & partner came with us, so we had a day out with all 3 sons - a rare occasion and very lovely.

The main blip is, of course, Lindsifarne Castle; we weren't able to get tickets to visit it although we did have a look round the Priory, and the granddog had a great time on the beach.

The first extra is Bamburgh Castle as seen from the island. The 2nd extra is a group of squabbling starlings who weren't proving very good at sharing the food which a local had kindly put out for them!

It was such a busy day that I didn't have time to post my blip, so this is backblipped on Sunday morning.

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