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Taking time

I've remarked before how time seems to have slithered past these recent months, unvarying except for the change of seasons; I think I've also remarked that we need to make things happen, to distinguish our days by doing something different. One of our routine tasks recently has been to head up to church to record hymns with the organ for our online Sunday services, and it's become routine that I stooge around for a bit while Mr PB sets up the recorder and has a brief practice on the organ. Today I did something different: I looked up at the windows of the west wall. I realised that if you'd asked me, I wouldn't have been able to tell you what was in them - after 46 years of going to Holy Trinity Dunoon these were the windows I'd never really looked at. So I'm blipping the baptism of Christ from the left hand window, and I've cropped it in this odd way because I've been unable to upload portrait-style photos to Blipfoto ever since the arrival of my new iPhone.

Apart from the singing, which came at the end of the day, I spent the morning colouring my hair again (sort of ...crimson..) and finishing an obituary of a friend from church. We discovered that we'd missed  a phone call from a friend in Alabama, so we phoned her and talked so long we'll probably have bankrupted ourselves - now there's something different. We had lunch outside under our new sunshade because the overnight rain came to nothing and the sun had returned, and I had an enjoyable FaceTime with my grandsons (and their dad) and failed to grasp what my older granddaughter required of me on HouseParty (another social app. I'm so cool...) 

We got soaked on our walk  home from church; we had umbrellas but protruded from them at the sides. But it's seemed quite a long day and I feel I've been useful, for a change. And I have red hair again ...

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