Pictorial blethers

By blethers


It's happened so swiftly. We locked ourselves in at the tail end of winter and now the year is turning. On this longest day, I think I began to feel we might simply learn to live with this thing - but maybe I'm just too tired to be worried any more. The sun shone all day, which means I didn't sit and allow myself to fall asleep at all; instead I answered mails, talked to people on the phone, ate lunch in the garden, and went out to walk along Loch Striven with Mr PB - a walk, we later realised, of 10.25 kilometres. The sun was hot, the wind brisk, and little waves rushed up the loch. I'm blipping a chocolate box shot of the loch just because I love it and I love the Scottish summer colours - the vivid blue, the vibrant greens - that are such a contrast to what I think may be in the offing for tomorrow. (I'm putting in an extra of the last of the brightness in the northern sky this evening - it was dramatically lovely.)

Noted with some disgust that the weekend camper-van invasion had hit our loch; we counted 5 vans of varying sizes on a relatively small spit of grassy land beside the loch; chairs round a fire, all the signs that they were there for the weekend. 

I thought of them when I went to lock the door - the rain has started.

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