Here and Now

By Mole

Red Hot Poker

(originally in my aunt's garden) and a moth...

The largest robin left the nest today and we were there to witness the moment.  Two remain.

I did paperwork almost all day.  It feels good to make a dent, but there's still so much left...for another day.  

I rewarded myself with some nice cream: 
   2 bananas, sliced, then frozen
Mix in food processor or blender with
   ~2 T almond milk (for vegans)
   3 T cocoa powder
   1/3 cup almond butter
I forgot to add the maple syrup and it was fine without it. 
I like to eat it immediately, but it can be frozen to harden.
Low calories, healthy, and yummy!
I'm looking forward to making fruit versions while fresh fruit is in season.

Happy Friday and thanks for dropping by.  Special thanks to Anni/BikerBear for hosting FF.

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