Day 97 of personal lockdown  - Day 9 of slight ease of lockdown

Slept really well last night - yeah.  I woke up at 5.30 am though and could't get back to sleep, so got up for about an hour, then felt really tired again so went back to bed about 6.30 am (the time I use to get up for work) and fell asleep instantly.  Unfortunately this meant I didn't get up until 8.45 am - eeeekkk - talk about feeling lazy!!!!  I dashed up, rushed around and then thought - I'm not going anywhere, there is nothing I HAVE to do, so I slowed down.

I then had a nice quiet morning.  Pottered around the garden and discovered that we also seem to have some sparrows nesting in the hedge on the other side of the garden to the blackbirds.  Saw a young one flapping about, just checked to make sure it wasn't injured and then Mama came along and banged herself against the back gate so I left them to it.

Later on, during the afternoon, Garron came back to say that we had a visitor on our front door step and to bring a camera.  I just grabbed the first camera I saw as my SD card was plugged into the computer and I didn't want to risk losing those images.  The camera I had picked up turned out to be Garron's Bridge camera!   His camera only shoots in JPEG but is a good camera, so I was pleased how this turned out as I never shoot in JPEG any more - and it was shot through glass.

I tentatively opened the front door and young Sparrow still stood there looking at us, I knelt down, but sadly that frightened it, it hopped of the step and then into the bushes.  It looked like either it's leg or wing might have been damaged, so I checked in the bushes and it was gone, so probably not.  

That is the excitement of my day.  It was so lovely to see a wee sparrow stood on our front door step looking up as if he wanted to come in!!!

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