Northern Star

By Lifferz

Making the most

Managed to walk about 4 1/2 miles this morning. I was lucky with the weather as I set off straight after the end of a downpour.

Since I got back home the weather took a turn for the worse so I’ve been dithering and reading the local paper. I’ve done very little exercise other than yoga since the glorious weather ceased a couple of weeks ago. My body is unhappy about this and I’ve quickly regained some weight I had lost.

Felt good to get out and about and I managed to enjoy nature, say hello to quite a few people, post some bits and pick up a little shopping.

I came across these horses which I’ve never seen before on my walk back and they appeared to be incredibly friendly and keen for human interaction.

I’ve decided to try and repair an old hat this afternoon as the weather outside looks a bit rubbish. I will be finishing off adding further tomato plants to the poly tunnel later on, regardless of the weather, because it’s a job that needs to be done and dusted!

It’s possible that if I have the energy and motivation I’ll be making some chocolate cake later. First time I’ll have made one as long as I can remember.

Happy Solstice :-)

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