Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

A Hot Walk in the Park

Today it has suddenly felt hot. I was glad to get the weekend shopping done at 7.30 am when the supermarket opened.  We walked up to the next neighbourhood to walk in the charming little park there. I love that they planted a row of young trees all along the main path. but I especially like the long grass and wild flowers that grow on either side. It's also possible to walk on the other side of the wild area, near tall trees. 

There are big tables and benches and I've often walked up here with my grandson to have our breakfast and then afterwards he used to enjoy the climbing frame.

On the news last night, I heard that 94% of the Swiss population don't wear masks in public transport! I am among the 6%!
Social distancing has been reduced from 2 metres to 1.50m. Manifestations of 1000 people are now allowed, but everyone must wear a mask.

It's all going rather fast - only time will tell if it was all too fast.

Tomorrow, Jean and I are going to meet down the lake for a coffee on an outside terrace. That sounds good!

we are going towards a period of hot weather next week! I'm so thankful that it's been cool for most of the month of June so far.

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