Photomuncher's Spot

By photomuncher

My all time favourite ...

... running vest.


The ParkRun people have come up with a 'workaround' while the COVID restrictions make actual ParkRuns impossible.  We are invited to run any 5K of our choice and log the date and time into our ParkRun profiles and records.  A poor substitute, but the best possible, so I decided to take part.

I donned my favourite running shirt and completed a leisurely 5K in my local area this afternoon.  Now it's duly recorded against my total runs - but separately.  

I have said it before: I am just happy to be able to put one foot in front of the other and jog along pain-free.  It's odd, but when you cross that Rubicon and realise that all your Personal Best times are now in the past, somehow it doesn't hurt - well, it comes not to hurt.  Somehow there's great pleasure and satisfaction to be had from being with the herd, but with immunity from the need to be up front leading.  Not that I ever was, of course, except in my daydreams. :-)       

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