Face Off

Had a lovely few hours in my garden with Tim and Adele.
Before they arrived l made scones and did two washes of bedding which dried beautifully in glorious sunny spells between two downpours.
This butterfly was persistent in its search for nectar from this lily -sometimes it was fully immersed in its trumpet .
Came back to Skipton this evening and had a gooseberry gin with elderflower tonic sat outside.
Showed Ruby my photographs of my day and she said Grandma, let’s have one with a butterfly on our noses, who am l to refuse? so it’s in extras.
Obviously it’s removed my wrinkles too, so all good fun.
Lasagne for dinner and now we are crashed out on the new sofas.
I like bubble life.

Thank you for your comments, stars and hearts, l’m a bit behind at the moment but will soon catch up x

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