By ArcLight

Spotted on the Walk

It was slated to be a bad day, in terms of weather, so the fact that this morning and this evening have been not too bad at all (in fact, it's a glorious blustery evening right now) has been a bonus. This morning, I walked over to the Walk to look for a blip (and had to take this with my phone as my camera battery was flat) and then back to the Park where I did some exercises in the same spot I used with the PT on Tuesday. I felt better for that.

Also this morning, we bought a new kitchen bin which, to be honest, was long overdue. We delayed after the kitchen refit because we weren't quite sure what we wanted, but now we've had the kitchen for a couple of years it's all much clearer how we use it. Hence we do keep acquiring new things, frittering away some of the savings from not going out and not travelling. But generally, we regard purchases for the kitchen as essentials.

Other than that, it's been quiet. I had a sleep in the afternoon, and this evening - after a second helping of cannelloni - we chatted on skype to OT, now in Athens.

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