By Yorkshirebred

Thank you

On Friday one of our choir members chose 3 songs, and one of them was “I will always believe” sung by Alfie Boe and Michael Ball.  https://youtu.be/1XekqtkluGE  I looked it up and knew that it would be hard to sing, although it is a beautiful song.  I think it finished off nearly everyone in the choir that morning, but it seemed to especially get to all the widows/widowers in the group. I’m afraid I “went” and couldn’t sing at all!  Friend and Blipper AuntieP noticed, and yesterday she very kindly turned up with these lovely flowers as today is the date I lost my Joe.  It seemed especially poignant as it is also Father’s Day in the UK, so I felt bad for my son and daughter.  Anyway, we got through it, as you do, but thank you again P for seeing the cracks in this “bloody minded” woman who always says she is “fine”!

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