Whale Tail

I walked a little further and found a new salt peninsula. No footprints here - I suspect no-one is supposed to walk this far. Sticking to the shoreline I don't see or pass the locked gates and signs on the dry land - I think they were put in place when this pond was more reliably full of water. 
I'm not sure what the status of the pond is - it's not making salt commercially, but it hasn't been returned to pristine wetlands and bird sanctuary like the ponds to the south, and I don't think it's one of the ex-ponds they are trying to build on (which shouldn't happen, but with the current administration destroying environmental regulations as fast as they can while we're all distracted, who knows?).  The levees are mostly just soft earth and quite dilapidated - I suppose the whole area is valuable as a flood defense, if nothing else.

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