By PaulaJ


A favourite book and a favourite pan - the link being omelettes. 

The book was written in 1984 and was a compilation of articles Elizabeth David wrote for a variety of magazines in the 1950s and 60s. They had a big influence on the way people at the time thought about food and cooking, as she tried to counter the high level of processing that was beginning to enter the food market. So she wrote about using fresh food and cooking simply without frills. I loved this book in the 80s when we were spending time in France and I was starting to think about the ingredients I was using at home. It is her book of ‘French Provincial Cooking’ that still goes with us when we go to France. 

I do like a simply made omelette and I found the book today to check that it was from her that I learnt to keep a pan exclusively for making them. It seems to have worked. I have had this pan for many, many years, probably more than 30. I have kept it just for omelettes and it has made perfect ones ever since. 

Sadly the last one has been made in it, by me anyway. Now why should that be? I think some people will know. 

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