By PaulaJ


There was quite a bit of interest in our new hob, so I thought my blip today should be a demonstration, especially as we are both enthusiastic about it.

 Here is the chef of the day creating a chicken and vegetable casserole.

Of course there are many people who have an induction hob and there are others who cook with gas, so are not interested, but to anyone else I will just explain why we got one. I have always had an electric hob, mainly through choice, but now we have no gas so there isn't any choice. The one thing that is wrong with electric hobs is the way the rings heat up slowly and cool down slowly, not like the instant heat of a gas stove. An induction hob is an attempt to replicate that kind of heat control that gas stoves have always had. I am not sure exactly how they work, but it has something to do with creating a magnetic field between the pan and the heat source, which is why not all pans work and the test is to try a magnet on the base of a pan - if it sticks then that pan is okay. Most of our pans are relatively new and all were fine for all hobs, it was just the few old ones that failed. 

Induction hobs have in the past been very expensive. We remember some friends getting one when they had a new kitchen and we couldn't believe how much it cost . . . and they had to get a new set of pans. So we have never considered it, until I was researching for a new cooker and realised that they are not much more than any other hob and most new, good pans will work on them. So we have one and we love it. 

If anyone did not see the follow-up that Ceridwen did after my blip yesterday, it is really worth seeing - quite amazing. 

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