Strimmer Time (MM335)

Out in the rail cutting this morning before the temperature rose, we set about strimmering (is that a real word?)  back a stand of nettles which had appeared since we cleared some of the dead wood from this patch of flat ground in the lowest part.  My blip is a mobile phone shot of the sunlight through the trees falling onto the ground. The warm weather appears to have returned for us, so a good job we had this completed early,  the big strimmer tends to flip pieces of cut vegetation about so it is necessary to wear some protective(ish) clothing,  shorts/tee shirt/sandals definitely not a good idea!

The company which owns it have decided they don't want to contemplate selling it to us now - but will review their decision each year.  They have several of these small left over from a previous development sections of land which have little value.  They might well be preoccupied with the consequences of the pandemic and this small sale won't really make much of an impression on their cash flow.  We decided to keep the weeds under control but not to spend any cash on new plants.

Our neighbour had several bags of soil taken out of their garden so we have spread that out on the near side of the cutting in an effort to encourage a few wildflowers.  Gill had several packets of seeds from magazine freebies so they have been scattered and we will see what comes up.   We also scattered some cow parsley seeds where the nettles were growing in the hope of them colonising the space and out-competing the nettles :-)

Gill has collected her iPad - I am staying well clear of it!

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