Bits and Bobs!

By Kate64

Lockdown - Day 94

It’s been a crazy Lockdown day here!

A beautiful day of 21 degree sunshine so plans were made for our first Lockdown outing, a drive to Chew Valley Lake. Emergency supplies and a mini picnic were packed, and we were about to walk out the front door when my dad felt unwell so the trip was abandoned. An hour later he felt a bit better so we decided to go on a shorter drive, down to the river. We all got in the car and... the battery was flat! So that was the end of that! We did laugh, could only happen to us...

With the long distance help of M, I put the car battery on charge, and then set off on my regular walk down to the river, passing this pretty little cottage garden.

Back home, next job was to chase up some bank paperwork from 1996. A very helpful young man told me the papers I were after were older than him. Thanks, that was a real ego boost, not! Then a conversation with the vet; back again tomorrow for new meds for poor Toffee who is still suffering, fifth attempt to solve the problem. After all that kerfuffle, a couple of hours working in the garden in the sun was just what I needed.

Take care, stay safe and well...

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