By dogwithnobrain

Cause We were just Kids when we fell in love

Today, I was sorting photos. 

I ordered photo albums and scrap books, photo corners, pens.  

And then I took the box out. 

And several other albums. 

I took them all out.  I threw out all the fuzzy photos; the scenes we no longer remembered. 

And i paused a long time over a lot of the photos. 

Look at us.  We were just kids when we fell in love. 

Tooli looked at one photo - of me holding a baby Boy.  

I was only 4 years older than she is now; and she is still my baby. 

This was taken in May 1987.  Our engagement had been noted in the local paper, along with my graduation.   He was leaving to go to sea - 7 month deployment, and a photographer offered to take engagement photos, in exchange for watching their "wedding portfolio". 

Of course we agreed.  Immediately. 

In the event it was 4 years later before we got round to getting married.   Our Wedding was a small family affair and when I returned to them for a price for the photos - the cost of the photographic services was going to top the price for the whole wedding. 

So despite such a lovely shot of us 4 years prior - it wasn't to be. 

Having ploughed through so many photos today, I'm feeling melancholy for days gone by; for simple times, when days passed by slowly and the kids were happy with a ball and a tent and a bag of crips and juice. 

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