By dogwithnobrain

And I will smile to show you when I'm happy

Most people, at the start of the lockdown, thought of things to do to occupy their time. 

I wonder how many balls of wool lie unknotted,  how many language courses now sit incomplete; how many Open University Courses go unstarted; 

Tooli; signed up to a TELF course, Applied to Three universities for a post graduate course, and bought this painting to do. 

She has completed two assessments of the TEFL course, got accepted for two of the universities she applied for, and now has almost finished her painting. 

it was funny when her pals arrived yesterday -  Lala ran to  Cosmo and said "this is the most perfect little place to sit. OH MY GOD WHO Painted THAT.  

I said "me"... and she was stunned; and then Tooli said, "Me".  Lala was asking about the Painting, not the cottage :-D

Lala has a very nice line in Art herself - as well as her jewelry, she also paints... I'm hoping that eventually she will put up some of her paintings on her shop too.

This one though is destined for Tooli's bedroom wall.

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